Step by Step Guide to SAP CO Business Process Procedures

By erpdocs | October 27, 2016

In this sample end user manual you will be guided, step by step, through the frequently used business process procedures in SAP Controlling (SAP CO) module.

  • Cost Element Creation /Change/Display (KA01)
  • Profit Center Creation/Change/Display (KE51)
  • Cost Center Creation/Change/Display/Delete/Display Changes (KS01)
  • Secondary Cost Element Creation (KA06)
  • Activity Type Creation (KL01)
  • Distribution Cycle Creation/Change/Display/Delete/Execute (S_ALR_87005757 / KSV2 / KSV3 / KSV4 / KSV5)
  • Cost center-Actual/Plan/Variance (S_ALR_87005757)
  • Project Profitability Report (CJI3)

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