Step by Step Guide to SAP CO Business Process Procedures

In this sample end user manual you will be guided, step by step, through the frequently used business process procedures in SAP Controlling (SAP CO) module.

  • Cost Element Creation /Change/Display (KA01)
  • Profit Center Creation/Change/Display (KE51)
  • Cost Center Creation/Change/Display/Delete/Display Changes (KS01)
  • Secondary Cost Element Creation (KA06)
  • Activity Type Creation (KL01)
  • Distribution Cycle Creation/Change/Display/Delete/Execute (S_ALR_87005757 / KSV2 / KSV3 / KSV4 / KSV5)
  • Cost center-Actual/Plan/Variance (S_ALR_87005757)
  • Project Profitability Report (CJI3)

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