SAP HR Time Management and Payroll End User Guide

By erpdocs | February 24, 2017

This guides intents to explain the Time Management in SAP HR such as maintain absence, absence quota generation and Time Events Maintenance.

  • Time Management workschedules
    • Create work schedule- PT01
    • Change Work schedule- PT02
    • Display Workschedule-PT03
    • Change Holiday calendar-SCAL
    • Display Holiday Calendar-SCAL
    • Create /Maintain Absence
    • Create Absence Via Fast entry
    • Create time events
    • Employee Remuneration Info – Over time
    • Input Substitution via Maintain Data
    • Quota Generation by using Time Evaluation
    • Quota Overview
    • Quota Generation By using RPTQTA00
  • Payroll
    • Maintain Basic Pay
    • Create/Maintain Recurring Payments/Deduction
    • Create/Maintain Additional Payments
    • Maintain Off-cycle Payments
    • Payroll Simulation

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