Dynamics AX: Accounts Receivable Setup Guide

Accounts Receivable in Microsoft Dynamics AX provides extensive functionality to set up different customer payment options. In this manual you will find step by step instructions for setup procedures and defaults you can use throughout the Accounts Receivable module in Dynamics AX. Customer setup is also explained so you can process customers and customer transactions […]

Dynamics AX: Accounts Payable Setup Guide

Microsoft Dynamics AX offers extensive functionality for setting up different vendor payment options. This course describes setup procedures and defaults used throughout the Accounts Payable in Microsoft Dynamics AX. This course also explains the vendor setup for efficient management of vendors and vendor transactions. After reading this Dynamics AX step by step document, you will […]

Dynamics AX: Charts of Accounts Setup Guide

Chart of Accounts in Microsoft Dynamics AX captures financial information to make good financial decisions. An account number is assigned each account as a unique identifier. The chart of accounts is shared and is a list of main accounts and account structures that define a chart of accounts in use by one or more This […]

Dynamics AX – General Ledger Setup Guide

In Microsoft Dynamics AX, a general ledger contains a company’s accounting records. Setting up the chart of accounts, fiscal calendars, legal entities, and currencies are processed to make General Ledger functional in Dynamics AX. This step by step guide explains how to work with the chart of accounts and its multiple dimensions in Dynamics. Defining procedure […]