End User Procedure for SAP MM Purchasing Process

This SAP MM manual explains the Procurement procedure of Materials (including Equipment, Consumables, Stationeries, maintenance & facilities contract and Software development) business process. It will cover management of Purchase Requisition, Purchase order, Goods Receipt and Goods Return.

Sample SAP MM End User Manual for Beverage Industry

This end user guide, specialized for beverage industry company, provides step-by-step instructions for carrying activities required for Materials Management (SAP-MM) module in SAP. Following list of processes are covered with explanations and screenshots in this document: Master Data Material Master Data – MM01 Vendor Master Data – XK01 Source List – ME01 Info Record – […]

Sample SAP MM End User Training Manual for Aluminium Industry

This end user guide, specialized for aluminium industry company, provides a step-by-step guide for carrying activities required for Materials Management (SAP-MM) module in SAP. Following list of processes are covered with explanations and screenshots in details in this document: Materials Management Enterprise structure Master Data Management Vendor Master XK01 Material Master MM01 Info record ME11 […]

Sample SAP MM Configuration Document for Steel Industry

This manual, specialized for steel industry, provides a step-by-step guide for carrying following list of activities required for Materials Management module configuration in SAP. Besides activities this also contains explanations and screenshots, including the order in which you need to make customization. Financial Accounting Settings relevant to Materials Management Configuring the Material Master Tax On […]

SAP Purchasing End User Manual: Introductory Training

This training guide provides end users , who are involved in the procurement process, with an overview of the purchasing process in SAP for MRP/Inventory, and Market Price contracts. Search SAP for vendor, material, MRP, requisition, contract, purchase order, Goods Receipt, or Invoice information Create [ME51N], Change [ME52N], Delete, or Process [ME53N] a Purchase Requisition Create […]

SAP MM Overview Presentation for Instructors (240 Slides)

This sample powerpoint slide gives an overview of the procedures listed below which are involved in Materials Management module of SAP SAP Navigation and Overview Organizational Levels in Purchasing Master Data in Materials Management Procurement of Stock Materials Procurement of Consumable Material Blanket Purchase Order Procurement of External Services Procurement of Fix Assets Releasing purchasing […]

SAP MM User Instruction Manual (120 pages)

This training document (120 pages) provides instructions including menu paths and screenshots for most common end user functions listed below in SAP’s Materials Management (MM) module: Local/Domestic Purchase Import Purchase Asset Purchase Export/Domestic Sales Return Account Assignment Purchase (Cost Center Purchase) Sub-Contracting Service Rate Contract/Annual Rate Contract Stock Transfer Material Issue Against Cleaning Order Material […]

SAP Logistics Theory and Hands-on Exercises for Newbies and Students

The contents of this SAP Logistics ebook comprises of mainly two major sections: The first section explains the theory of ERP system, especially how the production / operations management is performed. These aspects have a close relationship to other modules in SAP Logistics. The second part of the book is the Labs (Hands on Exercises) […]

SAP MM Configuration Handbook

This manual shows the configuration sequences that was developed for the MM module in SAP. Following configurations are covered in this guide: Enterprise Structure Definition relevant to MM Purchasing Logistics General Inventory Management Tax on Purchase Valuation and Account Assignment

SAP MM Overview: A Faciliation Guide for End-Users

Many of the concepts described in this handbook will help anyone who is responsible managing Materials Management module in SAP System. This document does not serve as a starting point but it is helpgul for anyone interested in learning about and understanding the key principles and concepts of MM in SAP. Following content is covered […]