How does a SAP LOGON work?

When a SAP GUI process is started on the front end, a command line parameter is sent, indicating one of the following: A specific dispatcher can be accessed directly (go directly to 3) The logon must first be sent to the message server (1) for logon load balancing When logon load balancing is used, the […]

What is rdisp_max_wprun_time in SAP?

Dialog work processes should not be loaded down with long-running dialog steps, as these work processes would then not be available to other users. The remaining dialog work processes would have to handle many more users, thus considerably increasing response times. This is the reason for the parameter rdisp/max_wprun_time (default setting: 300 seconds), which sets […]

SAP GRC Configuration: Maintain Related Links for Entities

In this SAP GRC Customizing activity, you will learn how to maintain related internet links for each business entity. First you define the links, then you allocate them to each business entity. To maintain links for entities: In the left hand navigation pane, select Link Definition, and then choose New Entries. In the Object ID […]

List of Important Tables & Fields in SAP FI Asset Accounting

Following, you can find the list of important SAP Financials Asset Accounting related tables, descriptions and fields. Table Description Important Fields ANKA Asset Classes: General Data ANLKL ANKP Asset Classes: Fld Cont Dpndnt on Chart of Depreciation ANLKL / AFAPL ANKT Asset Classes: Description SPRAS / ANLKL ANKV Asset Classes: Insurance Types ANLKL / VRSLFD […]

SAP Inventory Reporting (Stock) Related Transaction Codes

Below you will find the most frequently used transaction codes related to Inventory reporting in SAP. Transaction Code Description MMBE Stock Overview MB5L List of Stock Values: Balances MB5B Stocks for Posting Date MB51 Material Doc. List MB52 List of Warehouse Stocks on Hand MB54 Stocks for Posting Date MBLB Material Doc. List MB53 List […]

SAP GRC Configuration: Activate Business Configuration (BC) Sets

In this step by step SAP GRC Configuration guide, you will learn how to activate or modify the delivered Business Configuration (BC) sets. SAP provides a set of recommended BC sets as a baseline. For example, there exists a BC set for the frequency timeframes, where you define and maintain the time period of your […]

SAP GRC Configuration: Maintain Supported Languages

In this step by step SAP GRC Configuration guide, you will read required steps to specify additional languages for the user interface, for example, German (DE) and change the sequence of the languages, as required. The language support setup maintained using this activity is a prerequisite to allow the maintenance of HR transactions (GRFN_STR_CHANGE) in […]

SAP GRC Configuration: Activate Applications in Client

In this step by step SAP GRC Configuration tutorial, you will read required configuration steps to activate applications used in client In the default delivery system, there are three application components that can be activated: GRC-PC for Process Control GRC-RM for Risk Management GRM-AC for Access Control   To activate an application component, proceed as […]

SAP KO88 Guide: Settle Individual Production Order

How to settle individual production order in SAP using KO88 transaction code ? Read sample tutorial document below or download it. Download step by step guide to settling individual production order in SAP (KO88)

SAP F.07 Guide: Balance Carry Forward

How to perform an year end close in SAP and carry forward all the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Balances to the new financial year? Read sample tutorial document below, or download it. Download step by step guide to balance carry forward in year end close procedure in SAP