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SAP SD Process Flow Chart Diagram in Detail (With Integration Other Modules)

In SAP SD module, following four main functionalities are provided Sales order processing Sales order processing is responsible for creation, update, and persistence of the sales order documents. It triggers availability check and pricing calculations as well as delivery. Delivery processing Delivery processing creates delivery documents for a sales order document. It triggers shipment, monitors… Read More »

SAP SD Configuration Workbook

This SAP SD Workbook provides detailed steps instructions to configure the SAP system to meet the business requirements of SD module as envisaged in the Conceptual Design Stage. The configuration steps will have mappings to corresponding menu path to the configuration has been done in the IMG (Implementation Guide). The rationale of all configurations steps… Read More »

SAP SD Manual: Step by Step Instructions for End Users (80 pages)

This document is projected to elucidate all master data creation and business process step transaction creations in SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) module. The document contains chapters on the following topics: Master Data Customer Master Pricing Condition Rebate Agreement Output Material Determination Master Data Domestic Sales 4.1 Create Contract Create Sales Order Create Delivery Create Invoice… Read More »

SAP SD Workbook for Endusers & Consultants

This document gives you everything exploring the processes of Sales and Distribution module in SAP. It does a good job covering a wide subject manner, including step-by-step instructions with screenshots for both end users and consultants. . End User Guides Creating a Sales Order Creating a Delivery Billing the Customer Customer Payment Pricing Conditions, Stock… Read More »

Step by Step End User Manual to SAP SD for Newbies

The training document is designed for beginners with little or no SD experience in SAP. In this concise step by step guide, each transactions of master data and sales activities are covered in detail with screenshots. Download – Step by Step End User Manual to SAP SD for Newbies