SAP HR-OM Manual: Step by Step Instructions for End Users

This sample document is intended to explain the Organization Structure creation and Maintain organizational data in SAP Human Resources module.

  1. Organizational Management
    • Create Root org unit- PPOC_OLD
    • Create/Change Org unit- PPOM_OLD
    • Change Org unit-PPOM_OLD
    • Change/Maintain Relationship between Org units-PO10
    • Display Structural Graphics-PPOS_OLD
    • Delimit Org unit-PPOM_OLD
    • Assign Cost center to Org unit –PO10
  2. Positions and Jobs Maintenance 16
    • Create Positions – PPOM_OLD
    • Maintain Position Relationships
    • Change Position
    • Delimit Position
    • Create Job
    • Change Job
    • Maintain Job
    • Assign Holder
  3. Reporting Structure and Vacancy Creation
    • Create Vacancy
    • Delete Vacancy
    • Create Reporting structure
    • Create Chief
  4. Reports
    • Organization structure – S_HR_61016493
    • Organization structure by person – S_AHR_61016495
    • Staff Assignments- S_AHR_61016503
    • Vacant Position report- S_AHR_61016509

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