Sample SAP MM End User Training Manual for Aluminium Industry

This end user guide, specialized for aluminium industry company, provides a step-by-step guide for carrying activities required for Materials Management (SAP-MM) module in SAP. Following list of processes are covered with explanations and screenshots in details in this document:

  • Materials Management Enterprise structure
  • Master Data Management
    • Vendor Master XK01
    • Material Master MM01
    • Info record ME11
    • Source list ME01
    • Tax Conditions FV11
    • Accounts Groups & Number Ranges XK01
    • Partner functions XK01
  • Materials Management Documents
    • RFQ – Request for Quotation ME41
    • Maintain The Quotation ME47
    • Price Comparison ME49
    • Purchase Requisition ME51N
    • Purchase order ME21N
    • Release Procedure for Purchase Order ME29N
    • S.T.O(Stock Transport Order) ME21N
    • Service Procurement (Framework Order) ME21N
    • Return Delivery
    • Contracts ME31K
    • Quota Arrangement MEQ1
    • G.R (Goods Receipt) MIGO
    • Invoice Verification MIRO
  • Physical Inventory
    • Select Data for Physical Inventory MI31
    • Print Physical Inventory MI21
    • Enter Inventory Count MI04
    • List of Inventory Differences MI20
    • mport Procurement-EPCG ME21N
    • Excise JV -Process J1IH
    • Excise Register Extraction & Printing Process J2I5/J2I6
    • Proforma for Monthly Return under rule7 of the cenvat credit J2I9
    • Capital Goods Transfer of Credit J2I8
    • Sub contracting Process ME21N

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