SAP PM Complete End User Guide: 28 Transactional Process (326 Pages PDF)

This SAP PM End User Guide (326 Pages PDF) provides a comprehensive list of 28 no of transactional processes. Each process is accompanied by a Business Process Overview, Tips & Tricks, and Procedural Steps, including screenshots.

Complete list of PM transaction codes covered in this are as follows;

Transaction Code Process Description
IA01 Create Equipment Task List
IA02 Change Equipment Task List
IA03 Display Equipment Task List
IA05 Create General Task List
IA06 Change General Task List
IA07 Display General Task List
IE01 Create Equipment
IE02 Change Equipment
IE03 Display Equipment
IH01 Functional Location Structure
IH06 Display Functional Location List
IL01 Create Functional Location
IL02 Change Functional Location
IL03 Display Functional Location
IP10 Schedule Maintenance Plan
IP11 Maintain Maintenance Strategies
IP42 Create Strategy Controlled Maintenance Plan
IW29 List Editing Display Notifications
IW30 List Editing Display Notifications Multi-Level
IW31 Create PM Order
IW32 Change PM Order
IW33 Display PM Order
IW34 Create PM Order from Notification
IW38 List Editing Change PM Orders
IW39 List Editing Display PM Orders
IW40 List Display PM Order (Multi-Level)
IW41 Enter PM Order Confirmation
IW42 Overall Completion Confirmation

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