SAP MM Complete End User Guide: 118 Transactional Process (868 Pages PDF)

This SAP MM End User Guide (868 Pages PDF) provides a comprehensive list of 118 no of transactional processes. Each process is accompanied by a Business Process Overview, Tips & Tricks, and Procedural Steps, including screenshots.

Complete list of MM transaction codes covered in this document are as follows;

Transaction Code Process Description
AC03 Change Service Master
AC03 Create Service Master
AC03 Display Service Master
MB01 Post Goods Receopt for PO
MB03 Display Material Document
MB1C Goods Receipt – Others
MB51 Material doc
MB52 Material Document
MB5T Check Status of Stock Transfer
MBC1 Create Batch Search Strategy for IM
MCBA Plant Analysis
MCE1 Purchasing Group Analysis
MCE3 Vendor Analysis
MD15 Collective Conversion of Planned Orders
ME01 Create Source List
ME03 Display Source List
ME05 Generate Source List
ME07 Reorganize Source List
ME11 Create Purchasing Info Record
ME12 Change Purchasing Info Record
ME13 Display Purchasing Info Record
ME15 Delete Purchasing Info Record
ME1L List Display Info Records by Vendor
ME1M Info Records per Material
ME1P Purchase Order Price History
ME21N Create Purchase Order
ME22N Change Purchase Order
ME23N Display Purchase Order
ME28 Approval of Purchase Orders
ME29N Release (Approve) Purchasing Document
ME2K  Purchasing Documents by Account Assignment
ME2L Manual Review of Pending Credits
ME2N Purchase orders by PO Number
ME2O Subcontracting Sock Monitoring for Vendor
ME31K Create Contract
ME32K Change Contract
ME33K Display Contract
ME41 Create Request for Quotation
ME42 Change Request for Quotation
ME43 Display Request for Quotation
ME47 Maintain Quotation
ME49 Compare, Select and Reject Quotations
ME4B RFQ by Tracking Number
ME4C RFQ’s by Material Group
ME4L RFQ’s by Vendor
ME4M RFQ’s by Material
ME4S List Request for Quotations
ME51N Asset Purchase Requisition
ME51N Create Purchase Requisition(Consumables)
ME51N Service Purchase Requisition
ME52N Change Purchase Requisition
ME53N Display Purchase Requisition
ME56 Assign Source to Purchase Requisition
ME57 Assign and Process Requisitions
ME5A Purchase Requisitions List isplay
ME61 Maintain Vendor Evaluation
ME6H Standard Analysis Vendor Evaluation
ME80AN General Analysis
ME80FN General Analysis
ME80RN General Evaluations
ME80 Purchasing Reporting
ME81N Analysis of Purchase Order Values
ME9F Message Output for  Purchase Orders
MI01 Create  Physical Inventory Document
MI02 Change Physical Inventory Document
MI03 Display Physical Inventory Document
MI04 Enter Count
MI05 Change Count
MI06 Display Count
MI11 Recount
MI20 List Count Differences
MI21 Print Physical Inventory Document
MI24 Physical Inventory List
MI31 Create Physical Inventory Documents (Batch Input)
MIGO Stock location transfer
MIGO  Cancel Previous Goods Movements
MIGO  Goods Issue to Order
MIGO  Goods Issue to Scrap
MIGO  Stock Type Transfer
MIGO Display Material Document
MIGO Goods Receipt against Production&Process Order
MIGO Goods Receipt against Purchase Order
MIGO GR Goods Receipt against Purchase Order
MIGO TR Transfer Posting
MK01 Create Vendor (Purchasing)
MK02 Change Vendor (Purchasing)
MK03 Display Vendor (Purchasing)
ML81N Approval of  Service Entry Sheet
ML81N Entry of Services Performed
MM01 Create Material Master(Classification View)
MM01 Create Material Master
MM02 Change Material Master(Classification View)
MM02 Change Material Master
MM03 Display Material Master(Classification View)
MM03 Display Material master
MM06 Flagging a Material for deletion
MM11 Schedule Creation of Material
MM12 Schedule Changing of Material
MM13 Activate Scheduled Changes for a key date
MM16 Schedule Material for Deletion
MM60 Materials List
MMAM Change Material Type
MMBE Stock Overview
MMSC Material Master – Extend to Sloc
MN01 Create Message RFQ
MN02 Change Message RFQ
MN03 Display Message RFQ
MN04 Create Message PO
MN05 Change Message PO
MN06 Display Message PO
MR11 Clear GR IR differances
MRBR Purchasing Info SystemVendor
SARA Archive Administration
VL10B Delivery Due list For Purchase Orders
XK01 Create Vendor Centrally
XK02 Change Vendor Centrally
XK03 Display Vendor Centrally

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