Payroll in SAP HR – Introduction

Payroll is one of the SAP-HR module that responsible for calculating employee remuneration. Payroll has tight integration with other module: Organizational Management (OM), as cost center provider to costing payroll result. Personnel Administration (PA), as employee master data provider. Time Management (TM), as time related data provider. Payroll cycle in SAP is illustrated as picture … Read more

How to Check Status of Users in SAP [SM04]

SM04: This tcode is used to check the status of users in SAP. i.e how many users have been logged in, how many sessions a user is working. User Overview IMG Menu Path SAP Menu→Tools→Administration→Monitor→System Monitoring→User Overview Transaction Code SM04 See the fig below.   From the above figure you can see, total 9 users … Read more

How to See List of Processes Status in SAP [SM50]

In SAP, you can use SM50 transaction code to see the list of status of running work processes. Work Process Overview IMG Menu Path SAP Menu→Tools→Administration→Monitor→System Monitoring→Process Overview Transaction Code SM50   The following are the points we observe from SM50: No of each work processes like (Dialog, Background, Enqueue, Update, spool ) What is … Read more

How to See Active Servers in SAP [SM51]

In SAP, you can see the list of  the active servers available for the Central Instance if there by using SM51 transaction. See the fig below. List of Active Servers IMG Menu Path SAP Menu→Tools→Administration→Monitor→System Monitoring→Servers Transaction Code SM51     This information is grabbed from Daily SAP BASIS Activities document.

SAP MM User Guide: Invoice Verification (MIRO)

Invoice Verification is a process which confirms in SAP that an invoice has been received by the department. Goods receipt will have to have been entered on SAP prior to invoice verification unless that process has been by-passed at the raising of the purchase order.

This guide explains how to verify an invoice against a purchase order on SAP. A purchase order should be raised before an invoice can be verified

Invoice Verification
Logistics→ Materials Management→ Logistics Invoice Verification→Document Entry→MIRO – Enter Invoice

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SAP MM User Guide: Goods Receipting

Goods receipting is the process used to inform SAP that goods have been received, following the placing of an order with a vendor.

  • Receipts can be for either part delivery or full delivery of the ordered quantity.
  • Receipts are a system record of Date, Quantity & Receiver.
  • Invoice processing procedures are enabled.
  • Stock records are updated where applicable

This guide explains how to process a Goods Receipt and update SAP to confirm that the goods have arrived – usually to match with a previously created Purchase Order

Goods Receiving
Menu Path
Logistics → Materials Management → Inventory Management → Goods Movement → Goods Movement
Transaction Code

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SAP MM Inventory Planning and Monitoring Manual for End Users

The Materials Management module includes two sub-modules; procurement and inventory management. Inventory management entailsthe planning and control of material stocks by quantity and value.

The objective of this document is to provide an overview of the business process for the inventory cycle fromthe creation of a material master, procurement, goods receipt, goods issue and the physical inventory process. Various reports available to the user will also be discussed as well as the integration with other modules throughout the inventory cycle

  • Overview
  • Material Master
  • Purchasing Documents
  • Reports
  • Physical Inventory
  • Troubleshooting

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Goods Receiving in SAP MM: Beginners Course

Goods Receiving in SAP is a confirmation showing physical receipt of goods or services within a department or unit. The person conducting Goods Receiving affirms that ordered items are correct, in good condition, and in accordance with requirements ofthe purchase order.

In this training document, you will be provided definitions related to Goods Receiving process in SAP and required steps for process using MIGO transaction code (tcode)

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Outgoing Payment Processing in SAP FI: An Overview

Outgoing Payment Processing is the final step in the Procurement Cycle in SAP. The system employs an automated Payment Program which provides full functionality for processing Vendor payments. This document aims to: Describe the input data needed to configure the Payment Program. Discuss cash discount strategies. Execute the Payment Program. Key Terms from document are; … Read more