SAP PM User Instruction Manual

This training document provides instructions for most common end user functions listed below in SAP’s Plant Maintenance (PM) module:

  • Creating a Functional Location
  • Creating a Piece of Equipment
  • Displaying the Structure List and the Structure Graphic
  • Creating Data for the Permit
  • Maintaining Bills of Material
  • Creating Maintenance Task Lists
  • Creating Operations / Sub-Operations
  • Allocating material Components to a Maintenance Task List
  • Creating Maintenance Strategies
  • Creating Maintenance Items
  • Creating a Maintenance Plan (IP42)
  • Scheduling a Maintenance Plan for the First Time (IP10)
  • Scheduling a Performance-Based Maintenance Plan for the First Time (IP30)
  • Activating or Deactivating a Maintenance Plan (IP02)
  • Creating and Processing Maintenance Notifications (IW21)
  • Creating an Order from a Notification for Immediate Processing

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Fundamentals of Plant Maintenance in SAP: FAQ for Newbies

Objective of this presentation is:

  • Developing an understanding of SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) / Plant Maintenance (PM)
  • Identifying those areas where significant preparation needs to be done
  • Identifying those areas where key decisions are to be made / understood
  • Not to be able to create objects (master data etc. ) nor to operate the solutions


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SAP BBP AS-IS & TO-BE Documents from Real Life Project

In this post you will find links to As-Is and To-Be documents from a real-life project implementation for the various modules of the following:

  • Finance & Controlling (FICO) As-Is & To-Be
  • Materials Management (MM) As-Is & To-Be
  • Sales and Distribution (SD) As-Is & To-Be
  • Production Planning (PP) As-Is & To-Be
  • Plant Maintenance (PM) As-Is & To-Be

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SAP PM Configuration: How to Define Maintenance Planning Plant

In SAP, maintenance planning plant represents the organizational unit where maintenance requirements for the operations / production system are planned. Maintenance planning plant is a plant in which maintenance tasks are planned and prepared. In the PM planning plant, maintenance task lists are defined for the respective maintenance plants, spare parts planning is carried out … Read more