Beginner’s Training Guide to SAP PS End User Activities

The purpose of this document is to provide help to the end user while execution of the Project Systems related transactions in SAP System. This document is an end user training document which guides in step by step usage of SAP. Following list of PS procedures are explained with descriptions, screenshots, transaction codes & menu […]

SAP PS Integration with Other Modules: Quick Overview

The PS module is well integrated with MM and FI modules in SAP. All the material purchases for project are being catered through Materials Management. Cost incurred in project during the project execution phase is being booked into Finance module which takes care of vendor payments and job closing entries. Cost booked on a project […]

SAP Standard PS Report Transactions List & Document

This document explains the standard Project System reports available in SAP with screenshots that you can analyze in various ways by using the selection and sort functions. CN41N -Project Info System: Structure ME2J -Purchase Orders for Project CN42N -Overview of Project Definition CN43N –Overview of WBS elements CN42 -Project Definitions Initial Screen ME2L -Purchase Document […]

SAP PS Configuration Transaction Code List with Menu Paths

The following tables contains list of important SAP Project System transaction codes with menu paths.

SAP PS: Overview Training Course

This training course will give users an overview of the following topics of SAP Project System Workbreakdown Structure Network Project Builder Project Planning Board Project Simulations Date Planning Resource Planning Materials in Projects Cost Planning Revenue Planning Budgeting Commitments and actual data Period end closing Information systems Integration with other applications

End User Document for SAP Project Systems Module

This manual is intended to provide instructions for daily use of SAP Project Systems procedures for end-users. Project Structuring Project Creation From A Standard Template Network Addition To Project Cost Planning Budget Budget Allocation Budget Release Budget Supplement Budget Return Status Management Project Release Wbs Release Lock / Un-Lock Wbs Project Teco Project Close Network […]

SAP PS WBS Configuration (OPSK): Define Special Characters for Projects

In this SAP Project System WBS related configuration step, you specify how a project number is coded for editing using OPSK transaction code. You can maintain the following parameters for editing the project number: the length of the key for project coding. You can assign up to five places for the key. an indicator specifying whether […]

SAP PS Configuration: Define Project Coding for Standard Project (OPSJ)

In this SAP PS configuration activity, you create masks for editing the project number using OPSJ transaction code.. Masks help display complex project numbers. They can also be used to indicate the position of a WBS element in the project hierarchy. You can create a mask for every key you want to use in project […]