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SAP QM BBP Template as Reference

This document outlines the organization structure and key data structures for quality management. These structures are necessary to enable various business processes defined under process definition documents. The document will serve as a reference for system settings and configuration in the realization stage. The following are some of the quality management requirements: Quality check offer… Read More »

SAP QM Manual: QA01 Creation of Inspection Lot Manually

This step-by-step manual describes the process for creating an inspection lot manually. An inspection lot documents the request for an inspection and records and stores the results of the inspection. Individual inspection results can only be accessed through the inspection lot. When the inspection lot is created an inspection plan is attached which includes inspection… Read More »

SAP Quality Management Training Manual for Beginners

The SAP Quality Management (QM) training manual aims to facilitate end users of the SAP system to perform their transactions. Each transaction is explained with a step by step manner. The manual has been structured according to sub-modules in the SAP for convenience of association with the system itself. The first section is devoted to… Read More »

SAP QM: Quality Notification Creation Procedures

The qualification notifcation creation procedure in SAP is mostly for incoming customer complaints and for complaints to vendors. In this sample manuals quality notification against vendor and internal quality notificiation processes are covered in detail with screenshots, using transaction codes QM01, QM02.

SAP QM Business Blueprint Sample

This document is the Business Blueprint for a company that outlines the business requirements, ‘AS-IS’ analysis, ‘TO-BE’ processes and design considerations for the SAP Implementation Project. The document is organized as follows: Organisation Structure of SAP QM Module Logistics Structure Quality Management in SAP SAP QM in Procurement SAP QM in Production SAP QM in… Read More »