SAP SD Module Notes by Functional Consultant (379 Pages PDF)

Prepared by a Functional Consultant, this documents gives a comprehensive overview of SAP SD Functions for field teams implementing SAP Projects. At each topic questionnaire&interview questions are provided and descriptions are supported with screenshots and menu paths. Introduction to SAP ASAP Methodology Enterprise Structure, SD Master Data, Sales Proces, Billing and Pricing Functions Basic Functions […]

SAP SD Process Flow Chart Diagram in Detail (With Integration Other Modules)

In SAP SD module, following four main functionalities are provided Sales order processing Sales order processing is responsible for creation, update, and persistence of the sales order documents. It triggers availability check and pricing calculations as well as delivery. Delivery processing Delivery processing creates delivery documents for a sales order document. It triggers shipment, monitors […]

SAP SD Configuration Workbook

This SAP SD Workbook provides detailed steps instructions to configure the SAP system to meet the business requirements of SD module as envisaged in the Conceptual Design Stage. The configuration steps will have mappings to corresponding menu path to the configuration has been done in the IMG (Implementation Guide). The rationale of all configurations steps […]

SAP SD Manual: Step by Step Instructions for End Users (80 pages)

This document is projected to elucidate all master data creation and business process step transaction creations in SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) module. The document contains chapters on the following topics: Master Data Customer Master Pricing Condition Rebate Agreement Output Material Determination Master Data Domestic Sales 4.1 Create Contract Create Sales Order Create Delivery Create Invoice […]

SAP Logistics Theory and Hands-on Exercises for Newbies and Students

The contents of this SAP Logistics ebook comprises of mainly two major sections: The first section explains the theory of ERP system, especially how the production / operations management is performed. These aspects have a close relationship to other modules in SAP Logistics. The second part of the book is the Labs (Hands on Exercises) […]

SAP SD Workbook for Endusers & Consultants

This document gives you everything exploring the processes of Sales and Distribution module in SAP. It does a good job covering a wide subject manner, including step-by-step instructions with screenshots for both end users and consultants. . End User Guides Creating a Sales Order Creating a Delivery Billing the Customer Customer Payment Pricing Conditions, Stock […]

Step by Step End User Manual to SAP SD for Newbies

The training document is designed for beginners with little or no SD experience in SAP. In this concise step by step guide, each transactions of master data and sales activities are covered in detail with screenshots.

Consignment Process in SAP: Concept Explanation

This short presentation explains the basic procedure of consignment process in SAP. Overall Explanation Receiving Consigned Goods Consuming Consigned Goods Invoicing Free Download – Consignment Process in SAP: Concept Explanation

Vendor Payment Configuration, Development Guide in SAP

In this manual, followings steps are explained to complete vendor payment configuration in SAP, Define Bank Key – FI01 Define the House Bank – FI12 Set up All company code –FBZP Set Up Paying Company code –FBZP Set Up Payment Method per Country –FBZP Set up payment Method per company code –FBZP Set up Bank […]

SAP SD Business Blueprint: Export Sales Return Process Scenario with Flow Diagram

The purpose of this post is to create the Business Blueprint definition for Export Sales Return procedure in SAP SD required by the company you work with. Customers may return the stocks due to various reasons viz. difference in the unit price, quantity, product damages, batch shelf life, customer does not have enough space in […]