SAP Logistics Theory and Hands-on Exercises for Newbies and Students

The contents of this SAP Logistics ebook comprises of mainly two major sections:

  1. The first section explains the theory of ERP system, especially how the production / operations management is performed. These aspects have a close relationship to other modules in SAP Logistics.
  2. The second part of the book is the Labs (Hands on Exercises) section on different SAP R/3 modules. Applying the theory in context aims to give practical perspective for the work.

Content of the document is as follows:

  • Theory
    • Introduction
    • ERP System Architecture
    • MRP-2
    • Capacity Requirement Planning
    • Lot sizing decisions and ERP
    • Inventory control parameterisation
    • Scheduling and sequencing
    • Labs
  • Introduction on SAP
    • SAP R/3 General navigation
    • Example production system
    • MM – Creating parts for inventory control
    • MM – Creating Bill of Materials
    • PP – Running MPS
    • PP – Purchase orders
    • SD – Sales order
    • BAPI – An example on connecting a Java Programme to SAP R/3

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