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SAP MM Business Blueprint Sample for Contracting Company

This sample (as reference) SAP Materials Management (MM) blueprint (BBP) documents records the business process requirements of a Contracting Manufacturing Company and outlines the requirement mapping in SAP. Following topics are described in document: Enterprise Structure of Contracting Company Master Data of Contracting Company Business Process TO-BE as given by the Key Users To-Be Process… Read More »

Sample SAP PP Business Blueprint Document for a Textile Company

The Purpose of this SAP PP Business Blueprint, which is the main deliverable of Business Blueprint Phase of SAP Implementation, is to serve as conceptual master plan for Production Planning module for a Textile Company. This document shows the business requirements in detail, and serves as the basis for organization, configuration and development activities for… Read More »

SAP QM Business Blueprint Sample

This document is the Business Blueprint for a company that outlines the business requirements, ‘AS-IS’ analysis, ‘TO-BE’ processes and design considerations for the SAP Implementation Project. The document is organized as follows: Organisation Structure of SAP QM Module Logistics Structure Quality Management in SAP SAP QM in Procurement SAP QM in Production SAP QM in… Read More »

SAP FICO Business Blueprint Sample

This document provides recording of business process requirements of a Company Group and outline the requirement mapping in SAP System. The document is organized as follows: Organization Structure: That describes the organization structure to be configured in SAP. Master Data: It describes the master data in Financials. It includes creation and maintenance of master record.… Read More »

SAP MM Business Blueprint Sample

This SAP MM Business BluePrint Document describes the following: Enterprise Structure of Company Business requirements as given by the Company Key Users Suggestions consultants wherever mySAP ERP features are found to be useful to Company business functionality To-Be Process on mySAP ERP system suggested by Consultants Comments whether the requirement can be realized on the… Read More »

SAP BBP AS-IS & TO-BE Documents from Real Life Project

In this post you will find links to As-Is and To-Be documents from a real-life project implementation for the various modules of the following: Finance & Controlling (FICO) As-Is & To-Be Materials Management (MM) As-Is & To-Be Sales and Distribution (SD) As-Is & To-Be Production Planning (PP) As-Is & To-Be Plant Maintenance (PM) As-Is &… Read More »